1.      What night’s do Basketball leagues play on?

ü  League nights are never guaranteed due to the unknown number of teams registered each year, but we tentatively play: Fall League Basketball on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings and Winter League Basketball on Saturday mornings. 

2.      How and where do I register my team?

ü  Go to, there you will find a PDF link that you can print out that will provide directions on how to sign up your team.

3.      How do I pay my teams fees?

ü  Team fees may be paid over the phone with a debit or credit card at 541-917-7777 ext 0 or Send a check or pay cash in person to Albany Parks and Recreation at 333 Broadalbin St, Albany OR 97321. Remember! You must FIRST register your team online before a payment can be made.

4.      What is the cost for the different leagues?

ü  Team’s fees are $450 per team.

Where are games played?

ü  Games are played at Timber Ridge School and Boys and Girls Club of Albany. If you go to the sports website at and click on the Welcome Center tab at the top of the page, then click the Sports Location Sites drop down, you will find addresses and Google map links for all sports locations.

6.      How many games does each league play?

ü  Leagues play 8 games with single elimination playoffs.


7.      Are there playoffs? How many teams make the playoffs?

ü  Yes, we run single elimination playoffs for each division. The top 4 teams from each division are guaranteed to make the playoffs, but in many cases we create extra playoff spots, so more teams can enjoy a playoff setting.

8.      Where do I find league rules?

ü  If you go to the website at and click the Downloadable Files tab at the top of the page, you will see rules documents under the softball section.

9.  Does my team have to have team jerseys?

ü  Yes, we require all teams to have matching jersey’s or t-shirts, with a minimum of the team name on the front and a number on the back. See ruling in the rules section.

10.  How do I add my name to the “Free Agent” list?

ü  If you go to our website at and click the Sports Free Agent Information tab, you find information on how to have your information added to the free agent list as well as be able to view who is currently on the free agent list.