1.      What night’s is Open Gym offered?

ü  Open Gym is offered on Sunday evenings Oct thru April at the Boys and Girls Club of Albany (BGCA) from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (4pm to 7pm for pickleball). There are many Sunday's throughout the year that the BGCA facility may not be available, so please visit our website at and view the homepage for your open gym sport of choice to view Sunday dates that may not be available for open gym play.

2.      How and where do I register?

ü  This is a true "Drop In" setting, you just show up and begin play within the parameters of the "Open Gym Rules" located on a billboard at the facility that encompasses how teams are formed etc.

3.      How much does it cost? 

üThe cost is $3 per player per night or you may purchase a punch card which breaks down to $2 per player per night.


4.      Where are games played?

ü  At the Boys and Girls Club of Albany (BGCA) located at 1215 Hill Street SE

5.      What sports/games are played?

ü  Basketball, Volleyball, and Pickleball.